January 05, 2015


Write more. Put more content out in general. Stop caring what people will think about it.

No seriously, stop. Nobody will judge you as hard as you will judge yourself, and the more time you spend thinking about how your work is recieved, the less time you spend making it.

Write a ton without stressing about every word. You’re not going to find the perfect phrase to express every thought. You’ll be repetitive and sound stupid. You will say things that have been said a million times. But there is no harsh editor or critic standing between you and your personal blog, so just put it up there.

Make games. They’re not going to be fun or deep or groundbreaking. They will have bugs. The art will be bad. But keep playtesting and paper prototyping and stop worrying about “launching on the correct platforms” because you’re not even there yet.

Make music. A lot of the notes will not be in tune, the chord progressions will be boring and the lyrics will be contrived and unintelligible. But sing one song a day and practice your scales and inversions and put that soundcloud account to use already.

Draw. Sketch. Letter. The lines will not be perfect, the forms will be inconsistent, and the colors are going to be weird. But all you need is a paper and a pencil and a few minutes, so just do it already.

Put the hours in. Don’t be afraid to look like an amateur because you have a long way to go before you’re actually not one. Your taste is still killer. The best thing you can do when you’re worried about the quality of your work is to be too busy making the next piece of work to care.